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Sugimoto robot (Shanghai) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

 Sugimoto robot is located in the Songjiang District, which is known as "the root of Shanghai". The company is located in the G60 Corridor of Songjiang District, where the intelligent robot industry base is. The company is near the Hongqiao hub center where the transportation is very convenient.

Sugimoto robot is a technology company dedicated to providing intelligent and automatic robot production lines for manufacturing enterprises. At present, robot automation is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, new energy industry, electronics and electrical industry, rubber and plastics industry, food industry, biomedical, household appliances and other industries. After nearly ten years’ development, Sugimoto robot has accumulated rich experience in stamping, injection molding, glue painting, machine tool loading and unloading, material packing and palletizing, parts assembly,  visual inspection.

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Sugimoto Robot

Contacts: Mr. Liu  +86 13661970456

                  Ms Wang  +86 13651789025

Hotline:+86 13524859392

TEL:021-5789 5520

FAX:021-5789 6227

Add: No.226 Gaoji Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Post Code:201601

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